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We’re building a movement to send a strong message that when it comes to crime, justice and the safety of our communities, Nassau County won’t back down.


Get involved:

Not sure where to start? That’s okay! We’ll reach out and get your started.


Reach out to other voters:

Make phone calls, knock on doors and help us spread the word.


Write a Dear Neighbor Letter:

If you like the job Madeline is doing, help get the word out to your friends, colleagues and neighbors.


Host a Volunteer Party:

Engage your friends and community to talk to voters in your own home. We’ll provide everything you need.


Become a volunteer leader:

Help us organize your community. If you have just 3 hours a week, it’s easy, meaningful and fun.


Join Women for Singas:

Meet other moms, working women and leaders from around Nassau while supporting Madeline.


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The perfect way to get a head start in your upcoming political campaign.

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Fiona Anderwood