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Meet Madeline Singas

Madeline Singas is guided by a deep commitment to public safety, fairness, and justice.

A Tough Career Prosecutor

With almost three decades of experience as a prosecutor, Madeline has spent her entire career keeping our community safe. She was first elected in 2015 to be the District Attorney, the chief law enforcement official serving Nassau County’s 1.3 million residents.

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Fighting Gangs & Violent Criminals

During Madeline’s tenure as District Attorney, Nassau’s crime rate has dropped to historic lows, making it the safest large county in the state.

Madeline has focused efforts on combating drug and gun trafficking, violent gangs and sexual assaults. Using innovative investigative strategies, collaborative partnerships and intelligence based prosecution models, she has effectively dismantled narcotics and gang enterprises within Nassau County and beyond its borders.

Madeline has personally prosecuted some of Nassau County’s most notorious, violent criminals. Since 2016, the DA’s office has taken out 218 major gang and trafficking targets, including the highest ranking MS-13 members on the East Coast.

Battling the Heroin Epidemic

Madeline takes a comprehensive approach to fighting Nassau County’s heroin and opioid epidemic because she knows we cannot simply arrest our way our of the problem.

Madeline has cracked down on dealers, implemented innovative educational programs in our schools and dedicated unprecedented resources to prevent addiction and provide treatment. Under her leadership, Nassau opened New Hope, a 24/7 drug crisis center that works to provide around-the-clock medical treatment so people can go directly from the ER into treatment.

As a result of these efforts, Nassau has seen a 21% decrease in fatal heroin overdoses.

Fighting Public Corruption

Madeline has kept her promise to investigate all allegations of public corruption because no one is above the law. , She remains committed to pursuing these cases, without fear or favor, and combating government corruption to protect taxpayers from anyone who abuses public trust. Madeline is committed to pursuing all of these cases, without fear or favor, to send a strong message that corruption will not be tolerated in Nassau County. Madeline has held public officials accountable, regardless of political affiliation. She has convicted dozens of corrupt government employees and elected officials who betrayed the public trust.

Fighting for Women

Madeline is widely considered a national leader in the prosecution of violent crimes against women and children. Not only did she create and lead Nassau County’s first Special Victims Bureau, but she also developed a specialized human trafficking court, where victims of sex trafficking can receive assistance in escaping prostitution instead of being treated as criminals.

A Mom Committed to Our Community

Madeline lives in Manhasset with her husband and 17-year-old twins. She is a proud first generation Greek-American who grew up in Astoria, Queens. Her deep belief in justice was fortified by her family’s commitment to community, faith and education. She is a graduate of The Bronx Science High School, Barnard College at Columbia University, and Fordham University School of Law.

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